DEPP special issue on intersections in new drug research

We are planning an exciting new special issue of Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy on ‘intersections in new drug research’.  Please see below for more details:


The rise in the range and availability of new drugs (new psychoactive substances and human enhancement drugs) has resulted in a small but growing body of critical research that considers their wider social reception.  Existing research of this type, however, tends to focus on individual (or groups of) new drugs in isolation. The purpose of this special issue is to consider new drugs issues that are cross-cutting in nature, paying particular attention to the intersectionalities between different types of new drug research and between new drug research and the much larger existing body of research on traditional drugs. We encourage submissions that address the following topics, although we welcome submissions on other topics related to the theme:

  • critical thinking about new drugs and their wider social reception;
  • similarities between different new drug markets, and the impact of new drug markets on more traditional drug markets;
  • explorations of new drug cultures, and the impact of new drugs on existing cultures of drug use;
  • similarities between different new drug service interventions, and the impact of new drugs on existing service provision services;
  • the impact that new drugs, both individually and collectively, have had on existing systems of drug control and drug policy implementation;
  • the demand for new drugs and the relationship between the demand for new drugs, and drug demand in general;
  • intersections, in general, between different kinds of new drugs;
  • intersections, in general, between new drugs and existing drug research.

Submission Instructions

Qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods, and historical research are welcome. Papers must discuss the implications of their findings for the development of policy and practice.  We particularly welcome contributions from Ph.D. students and early career researchers.

Abstracts should be emailed to Caroline Chatwin ( by 1 December 2016. The email subject heading should read “DEPP Special Issue: Intersections in new drug research”.

The editors will inform authors by 9 January 2017 whether to proceed to full submission.

If selected, complete manuscripts will be due on 8 May 2017. All manuscripts are subject to the normal DEPP peer review process. The special issue will be published in early 2018.

Editorial information

  • Editor: Shane Blackman
  • Editor: Caroline Chatwin
  • Editor: Kate O’Brien

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