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Dr Caroline Chatwin

Dr Caroline Chatwin is a senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Kent.  Her main area of research interest has been around the intricacies of European drug policy.  Recently, this has included a critical evaluation of European level policy responses to new psychoactive substances.  She has also been working with the online community of new psychoactive substance users in the UK to explore the impact of recent policy changes in the UK.




Dr Kate O'Brien

Dr Kate O’Brien

Dr Kate O’Brien is a lecturer in criminology at Durham University. Her research interests focus on the social and cultural aspects of young people’s uses of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco products.  She is particularly interested in the gendered aspects of drug use and has conducted research in neighbourhood and nighttime licensed leisure settings.  She has recently been working on a study that explores NPS policy in the UK from the perspective of psychoactive substance users.


Professor Fiona Measham

Professor Fiona Measham

Fiona Measham is professor of criminology at Durham University and Director of the Inside-Out prison exchange programme there.  Her research spans changing trends in legal and illegal drugs across the last two decades with a particular interest in the night time economy, club drugs, policy change and user perspectives.  She has been conducting research with NPS users and retailers since they first appeared.  Fiona was appointed as the first social scientist to ACMD in 2009, chair of the ACMD mephedrone review sub-group and as the social scientist on the 2014 Ministerial Review of NPS.  She is co-Director of The Loop, a not for profit CIC which provides drug and alcohol harm reduction advice, research, training and drug testing at UK nightclubs and festivals.




Professor Harry Sumnall

Professor Harry Sumnall

Harry Sumnall is a Professor in Substance Use at the Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moore University. He is interested in all aspects of substance use, particularly young people’s health issues. Harry’s funded research programmes have examined the evidence base for substance misuse prevention and the mechanisms for implementing evidence based practice and policy. Harry’s interest in new psychoactive substances relate to their marketing and identification, evidence based policies, and the development of interventions and support to reduce drug related harm. Harry is a member of the ACMD, and part of the UK Early Warning System on NPS network.


Dr Nina O'Neill

Dr Nina O’Neill

Dr Nina O’Neill is a Research Fellow at Queen’s University, Belfast. Her primary area of interest is around risk behaviour and drug use, particularly the use of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS). She has been involved in research with NPS users and service providers examining patterns of use, risk and capacity to reduce harm.



Tammy Ayres

Tammy Ayres

Tammy Ayres is a lecturer in Criminology at the University of Leicester. Her research interests include the link between drugs and crime; particularly why some drug users control their drug use, whilst others descend in to more problematic patterns of drug use and criminality. She has also undertaken some research examining the chemical composition of novel psychoactive substances and their impact on public health.

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