New drugs: new policy landscapes

A selection of podcasts are available from our first seminar held at the university of Kent on Tuesday 16th December.

Andrew Brown, Drugscope – Introduction to the report of the ministerial review into new psychoactive substances

The opening speeches from our roundtable participants: Beverley Francis (Head of drug policy unit, Scottish governemnt); DI Goldsborough (Metropolitan police); Dean Acreman (WEDINOS project); Pete Burkinshaw (alcohol, drug and tobacco division, Public Health England); Rick Bradley (KCA drug and alcohol charity); and Nicola Singleton (Freelance analyst and researcher).

The presentations from our ‘pushing the boundaries of new drug research’ session:

Rosa Goenraadt (Utrecht University) – Demand and (online) supply of illicit lifestyle pharmaceuticals

Katinka van de Ven (University of Kent) – The expansion of the anti-doping movement

Liviu Alexandrescu (Lancaster University) – Legal highs and speed bodies in post-communist Romania

Rebecca Crook (Liverpool John Moores University) – An exploration of hte concept of ‘identity’ in non-dependent drug users (including NPS users)


Please click here to listen to any of the podcasts.

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