Supply and demand: drug markets in transition

A selection of podcasts are available from our Durham seminar: ‘New Drugs: Drug Markets in Transition’, held on 26th March at Van Mildert College, Durham University.

Podcasts include:

Russell Newcombe, 3D research: ‘NPS Taxonomy: a framework for classifying new psychoactive substances’

Michael Linnell, independent researcher: ‘Green Crack – the infectious nature of synthetic cannabinoids among vulnerable groups of adults and young people and the tragicomic attempts of the state to control the spice market’

Professor Rainer Schmid (Scientific head of the Viennese drug prvention project checkit!), Professor Fiona Measham (Durham University and co-director of the Loop) and Deidre Ruane (Ph.d. student at the University of Kent): Roundtable session on club and festival markets

Dr monica Barratt, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre: Brought up by and in the internet: first time drug use through cryptomarkets

Charlie McLean and Jennifer Brizell, Ph.d. students from Liverpool John Moores University: Human Enhancement Drugs and the changing marketplace: from the daily mirror to online markets

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